January 3, 2017 Perspective Media


One of the things I love about the new year is all the positive energy it brings. I went to the gym this morning, and of course it was packed. It’s Christmas time for gyms! I always tell people that are on the fence about joining the gym I go to “The money comes out of your account either way, so make the most of it.” 2016 was a crazy year in so many ways, and it still went by fast! One of my goals is to make the most out of this year, because it will go by either way. Create opportunities, and work smart. As Miss Frizzle would say “Take chances, get messy, make mistakes!”

I’m also super excited to have the Perspective Media shirts for sale! I’ve always wanted to have my logo on a shirt, so I can check that off. You can purchase a shirt at the store right here
Here’s to making it happen in 2017!