December 23, 2017 Perspective Media

Who knew That A Fitness Video Could Make You Cry?


This project was particularly fun to do because I’ve been a member of Soldierfit for a few years. So I’ve had my share of burpees and bear crawls. It was a privilege to create something for a company that I truly believe in. Amanda was absolutely amazing in telling her story. No coaching needed! We shot this over a few different days. We actually shot two videos at the same time. A franchise promo and a general promo video. You can see the franchise video on the main page. I would say the most interesting part of this project was getting the opening shot of the sign. I was actually in a “no fly zone” and I only had 17 seconds to get the shot before the drone landed itself. Thankfully there were no arrests and I got the shot with barely enough time! The video as gotten great feedback. Even my mom said that makes her want to join. So check it out now!