April 4, 2018 Perspective Media

Maryland Teacher Tutors

I had the honor of work with another fellow entrepreneur, Mrs. Natalie Mangurm. She is the founder and CEO of her tutoring company called Maryland Teacher Tutors. In all honesty, some shoots are harder than others, but Natalie’s kindness and patience made this experience so much more enjoyable. We got to shoot in her lovely home. I asked if she was a designer, but she said no. Pretty sure that’s not true because her home was immaculate. That made shooting her interview easier on my part. We spent two shooting, and during that time I got to meet the rest of her team for a little photo session. It was a great weekend and I’m glad Perspective Media got to be part of their branding process. Check out some of these behind the scenes photos taken by the wonderful Eileen Daniel and check out the video in the portfolio!